The company

The sculpture of a stone mason and our company’s motto “Bien faire et laisser dire” welcome visitors to the VUILLERMIN GUALTIERO factory, which has been operating in the stone industry on an international scale since 1951. “Our history is our strength. In fact, our origins lie in our quarries”.

VUILLERMIN GUALTIERO is in the stone industry, specialized in the extraction and working of stone, marble and granite from Italy and overseas for use in the building and architectural sectors, VUILLERMIN GUALTIERO is distinguished by the quarries it owns in the Aosta Valley and Piedmont, which provide ONLY MATERIAL OF ITS KIND IN THE WORLD:


Its deep-rooted mining culture, that is, the technical skills and the ability to manage the resources in an integrated environmental setting, represents a frame around these small portholes in the mountainside. Our mining machines enable us to penetrate deep into the rock, where its nature is revealed, together with its history, which dates back to time immemorial.

Its exclusive materials, tens of year of experience and the professionalism of its workers have brought VUILLERMIN GUALTIERO not only into the homes of the Aosta Valley people but also into its history through to the present day and its works of art are now exported worldwide.

Founded 60 years ago by Gualtiero, the company was set up as a craftsman’s business but evolved over the years by combining technological progress with the manual skills of its craftsmen. In transforming stone blocks into finished products, the company enhances the beauty of its products by making the most minute particular features of the materials stand out and thus, due to the creativeness of VUILLERMIN GUALTIERO and its latest-generation machinery, marble, onyx and stone are transformed into sheets with a thickness of just a few millimetres backlit by LED-based lighting systems, or are coupled with glass, creating special light effects, transparencies and unique, ever-changing graphical representations.

The VUILLERMIN GUALTIERO stone and its innovative finishes do not only represent a material at the disposal of modern architecture, but a real philosophical choice summed up in the need to use to its full potential a natural product every piece of which may rightly be considered unique, due to the unrepeatable shades and swirls of colour. The products are made irreplaceable by their aesthetic, hygienic and thermal qualities, as well as their strength and ease of maintenance.

The geometrical or abstract figures thatVUILLERMIN GUALTIERO engrave into the sheets of stone are an absolute novelty. Using special machinery and on the basis of an in-depth technical study, the stone is engraved with totally original designs and geometrical figures.

Qualified and competent staff provide not only pre-sales and post-sales support but also a consulting service so that every project elaborated at VUILLERMIN GUALTIERO is tailored to the customer’s requirements: from the design phase to the measurements made at the work site with the aid of digital instruments, the reproduction of the shape and size of particular outlines with a special software program and the installation of the final product by specialized staff. This is how VUILLERMIN GUALTIERO manages to optimize times and waste in cutting the stone to its final dimensions.

With the aid of the process technology department, VUILLERMIN GUALTIERO uses innovative machinery: technical drawings and CAM, information technology and CAD are used to design the finished stone and work the block to the desired three-dimensional form by means of high technology machinery, such as water-jet cutting and machining centres with 3, 4 and 5 axes capable of inlaying and sculpturing with tools and a disk at the same time.

VUILLERMIN GUALTIERO’s work consists in touching up the product and finishing it off by hand with the indispensable support of specialized staff. Each product is unique as it is tailored to the needs of each individual customer. Finally, prior to delivery, the last step at the factory is to check the quality of the finished product, which must have all the necessary characteristics before being packaged for shipment