Artist's marble

When it was founded by Gualtiero, 60 years ago, the company was simply a craftsman’s business. It evolved over the years by combining technological progress with the work and skills of its craftsmen. Nowadays VUILLERMIN GUALTIERO realises a lot of tailor-made project. 

From the extraction of the material from its quarries to the production of finished works, VUILLERMIN GUALTIERO now enhances the beauty of its products by revealing the concealed peculiarities of the materials, thus creating genuine works of art made of marble, heirs of the ancient art of sculpture.


Due to the creativeness of VUILLERMIN GUALTIERO and its latest-generation machinery, marble, onyx and stone are transformed into thin sheets of just a few millimetres backlit by futuristic LED lighting systems, or are ready to be assembled with glass, creating special light effects, transparencies and unique, ever-changing graphical representations. In this way, these thin sheets of marble are transformed into flowers, wind roses, coats of arms, bas-reliefs and ornaments with an innovative design and anything else that may satisfy the customer’s imagination and desires.

We also add drawings and geometrical figures to the extraordinary lattice of GREEN COURTIL STONE and SILVER GREEN GRANITE by means of a special process using complex machinery and on the basis of an in-depth technical study. The originality of each sheet, which nature has made unique in its colours and veins is thus further enriched and made unrepeatable by our engraving processes. Our marble materials, elegant and fascinating by nature, these innovative processes and our commitment to research are designed to give our customers something new, different and, above all, unique with our tailor-made project.

Some of our products